Welcome to the London Soto Zen Group website – Affiliated with the International Zen Association

The London zen group meets regularly to practise zazen – the core practice in the Soto Zen tradition.

The heart of Soto Zen is the practising of silent, seated, selfless, objectless meditation (Zazen),  awakening to our original condition. Soto Zen offers a quiet, disciplined practice that enables us to express our inherent wisdom and composure.  It encourages practitioners to pay attention to the workings of their own minds and, through the unfolding of selflessness, expand their inherent qualities of generosity, patience, kindness, perseverance, and wisdom.

Newcomers, beginners, experienced and inexperienced, from all walks of life are welcome. All sincere people from any or no faith, regardless of gender, sex, race, religion or orientation may join in and participate. Why not come for an introduction?

The London Zen Group is a Registered Charity – Number 1194847

SE London – Brockley Zen Group

Are you looking for our Sister Group in South London? They now have their own website here. – Zen In South London

We are now offering ONLINE group zazen, talks, discussions, etc. through ZOOM – and everybody can join in. Resuming in-person as soon as it is safe to do so !

For Caledonian Road Dojo (now merged with Old Street group!)

Log into Zoom HERE: https://zoom.us/j/344964756?pwd=OUxRQWcwU1ltQzh5SXk4TDdObXFjQT09

NOTE! We have a NEW LINK – the room now requires a password – click the link above or enter Passcode: 987654321

    • Schedule:
      • Weekday mornings (Monday – Friday) 6:50am – 08:10am
      • Wednesday Evenings – introductions starting at 6pm, and zazen from 6:30 – 7:30pm (former Old st. Group)
        • Following zazen, at 7:30, there is a dharma study group/discussion! join in!
      • Thursday evenings 7:30pm t0 8:40pm with introductions for new folks starting at 6:50pm
      • Saturday afternoons at 5pm – zoom kanji practice class with Martin
      • Sunday mornings at 9am – 10:15am

Donations for Cally Road Dojo / Old Street

    • Sadly, our expenses are going to remain mostly the same for the North London Zen dojo (rent/gas/electric/rates) as this is our permanent space. This comes to over £850/month :-/
      On that note we’ve set up a paypal account and would like to ask any and all to please help out the Dojo if you are able by dropping some money in our virtual dana box after zazen.
      or consider donating £25/month to help us out.

      OR, you can email Lana (lana@berrington.ca) – and I’ll send you our bank details 🙂