Welcome to the London Soto Zen Groups website – the site for AZI affiliated groups in London UK

London zen groups meet regularly to practise zazen – the core practice in the Soto Zen tradition.

The Soto Zen Buddhist tradition emphasises the practice of Zazen: silent, seated meditation.  Still and upright,  offering our complete attention to each moment,  allowing thoughts to pass, we sit as Buddha sat,  in the calm posture of awakening.

Newcomers, beginners, experienced and inexperienced, from all walks of life are welcome.  Why not join us for an introduction?


  • There will be a 2.5 day sesshin from 7th-10th of February in Sheringham, Norfolk, with Senior Nun Maddie Eshin Parisio
  • 22nd February – there is a FULL DAY of Zen Practice in Brockley with Senior Monk Yushin Christophe Guillet – see Events calendar for details
  • The London Bridge group is currently not meeting. A new venue will be announced in due course
  • Please sign up for the mailing list to be notified immediately of any last-minute or scheduling changes

(if it’s your first time, and you’ve had no prior Soto Zen Experience, do plan to attend an introduction first 🙂 – they are regularly scheduled at Caledonian Road, and Old Street, and are by arrangement at Brockley  )

Location Introductions start at: Zazen starts at: Ends:
Monday Caledonian Road 07.00 08.10
Monday Brockley 07.00 08.00
Tuesday Caledonian Road 07.00 08.10
Tuesday Brockley 19.30 20:50
Tuesday Old Street 18:00 18.30 19:45
Wednesday Caledonian Road 07.00 08.10
Thursday Brockley 07.00 08.10
Thursday Caledonian Road 19.00 19.30 21.00
Friday Caledonian Road 07.00 08.10
Saturday Caledonian Road 17.00 17.30 18.50
Sunday Caledonian Road 09.00 10.30

Please, always be on time.

We lock the doors a few minutes before the start, afterwards doorbells may not be answered until kinhin (1/2 way though the sitting).

So, it’s very important to be on time, or indeed 10 minutes early, so as not to disturb.

Note: remember that the Brockley Group does not meet on Bank Holiday Mondays