Welcome to the London Soto Zen Group website – Affiliated with the International Zen Association

The London zen group meets regularly to practise zazen – the core practice in the Soto Zen tradition.

The heart of our practice is silent, seated, selfless, object-less meditation (Zazen),  awakening to our original condition. Soto Zen offers a quiet, disciplined practice that enables us to express our inherent wisdom and composure.  It encourages practitioners to pay attention to the workings of their own minds and, through the unfolding of selflessness, expand their inherent qualities of generosity, patience, kindness, perseverance, and wisdom.

Newcomers, beginners, experienced and inexperienced, of any gender, sex, race, faith, or orientation may join in and participate. Why not come for an introduction?

We Have Re-opened!

If you:

  • Have been fully vaccinated (or can demonstrate a negative test in the past 48 hours)
  • Will wear a face covering except when sitting in zazen
  • Have no covid or cold symptoms

You can join us at the Caledonian Road dojo!

If not.. you can still join us online.. see full details by following the below link:

ALL INTRODUCTIONS WILL BE IN PERSON – AT THE DOJO – All zazen will be held in person AND online

If you will be joining us online rather than in person – these are the details:

Log Link for Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/344964756?pwd=OUxRQWcwU1ltQzh5SXk4TDdObXFjQT09

Click the link above or enter Meeting ID: 344 964 756 Passcode: 987654321

Our Weekly Schedule:

Fully jabbed or tested negative within the last 48h? COME TO THE DOJO!  Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of zazen. (Please read the covid rules first 🙂  )


    • Weekdays (M-F): 6:55am – 8:15am
    • Sundays: 8:55am – 10:20am (coffee/tea/chat follows)



        • Introductions start at 6pm (at the dojo !)
        • Zazen  6:30-7:30pm
        • Dharma study/discussion group 7:45-9:00pm


        • Introductions start at 6:50pm (at the dojo !)
        • Zazen 7:30pm t0 8:40pm
  • Stay Tuned for forthcoming schedule additions including a restarting of Calligraphy classes, Kesa/Rakusu Sewing sessions, Precepts / Bodhisattva Way study and discussion group

Donations for London Zen Group

Expenses continue for the North London Zen dojo (rent/gas/electric/rates) .
This comes to over £850/month :-/
Please help out the dojo, if you are able, by dropping some money in our virtual dāna box after zazen.
or consider a monthly contribution.


Individual Sutras

New Sutra Book!

Our New Sutra Book is available in PDF – it is currently not available as a printed book – it has all the sutras above in it, and more.  This can be printed out at home by choosing “booklet printing” in the Adobe PDF program. 
If you would like a pdf version of this sutra, it is available by donation.  Please email lana@zeninlondon.co.uk, I will email you a copy and please do not distribute it yourself afterwards.


Please sign up for the mailing list to be notified immediately of any last-minute or scheduling changes