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    Old Street Zen Group

    At the Bunhill Friends Meeting House

  • Central London Zen Meditation Group
    Every Tuesday Evening
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Old Street – Central London Zen Meditation Group


Introductions now at 6.00 pm!

From 6.20 to 6.30 there is the opportunity to do some stretching and loosening of muscles before the start zazen at 6.30 as usual.

Study Group:

In next week’s session  (12 Feb) we will have a look at what master Deshimaru has to say about posture, pp. 100 to 111.


Last Tuesday, we were talking about Dogen’s general introduction ‘Zazen, The Wakeful Posture of Awakening’ (Questions to a Zen Master, pp. xiii-xv). Next week (22 Jan) we will talk about the chapter ‘Practice’ (pp. 93-129) where Deshimaru talks more about his understanding of zazen and the practice in general. I will choose a couple of paragraphs and make some copies, but it would be best if you could read the chapter in full in advance. There are still 2nd hand copies available if you need one.


For the next couple of sessions, we will take a closer look at 20th century Zen teacher Taisen Deshimaru. He came from Japan to Europe in 1967 and established the linage of Zen this group adheres to. Deshimaru is sometimes referred to as the ‘Patriarch of the West’. His memory is very much still alive in the generation of our current teachers who followed him in the 1960s and 1970s as young men and women.

There are a couple of from Deshimaru’s works have been published in English:

Questions to a Zen Master (1985, EP Dutton, Rider)

The Ring of the Way (1987, 1988, EP Dutton, Rider)

The Zen Way to the Martial Arts (1982, 1988, Rider)

The Voice of the Valley (1979, Bobbs-Merryl)

All of these are unfortunately out of print. But second hand copies are often available at Amazon or Ebay.

‘Questions to a Zen Master’ is most easily available, and I have a number of copies I can share. So we will start with this book.


Bunhill Fields Friends Meeting House (Quakers)
Quaker Court

The meeting house is located within the off-street Quaker Gardens. It can be accessed via Banner Street or Bunhill Row/Chequer Street (opposite the much larger Bunhill Fields park).


Group Responsible: Edgar Koeb

Contact Edgar on 07841 323 260

Click here to send an email message to Edgar

Underground Lines:

Old Street – Northern Line
Barbican – Hammersmith & City, Circle and Metropolitan lines

Overground Lines:

Moorgate or Old Street – Great Northern

Regular Zazen Schedule

Tuesday Evenings at  6:30pm – 7:45pm, study group from 8:00pm to 8:45pm  –  General public introductions for newcomers at 6:00pm – why not join us?


To help us with our rent and bills, we request £5.00 recommended, £3.00 concessions (really broke? pay what you can) – or monthly £25 recommended, £30 ordained  (paying monthly allows you to attend any of the 4 practice places we have in London)