As you probably know, although government restrictions are lifting, cases are still on the rise and the Caledonian road location is quite small, without the best ventilation (yes, we are seeking a larger venue). 

We’re going to need to support each other by continuing to following some restrictions at the dojo in order to ensure that everybody who comes to zazen is as safe as possible.  Remember, beings are numberless, and we vow to save them.

  1. BE DOUBLE VACCINATEDOr,  demonstrate a negative covid-19 test  within the past 48 hours (lateral flow tests are free from the NHS if you do them yourself).

    It’s so important that everybody in our tiny space be fully vaccinated, or can demonstrate they are not asymptomatic carriers. You can show us your vaccine card or your nhs proof of vaccine. Or a photo of your negative lateral flow test. 
    If you are not fully vaccinated, and have not received a negative test in the past 48hours, PLEASE, continue to join us ONLINE.

  2. BRING YOUR FACE COVERING.  When moving around in the dojo (arriving, leaving, kinhin, samu) we are going to ask everyone to wear a face covering which you may remove while sitting in zazen.   If you are exempt from wearing one, please continue to join us online instead.
  3. Please wash your hands when you arrive
  4. Please do not come if you have any covid symptoms (we all know what those are by now)
  5. finally – we are asking that only the chant-leader (ino) chant, for the time being.

We will continuously review and revise these rules as we feel our way through this reopening, fingers crossed we can all chant together soon.

We will continue to live stream zazen.


The currently posted schedule will remain – THUSDAY MORNINGS WILL BE ONLY ONLINE !!


Introductions for newcomers will be in person only, exceptions and arrangements for online by prior arrangement only 🙂 Please email


If, by some chance, our numbers become too many (fingers crossed), we may have to set up a booking system, but let’s see how it goes first 🙂